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IBC Invitation

Integrated Introductory Biology-Chemistry Course (IBC) in Keck Science for Incoming First-Year Students
Applications Must Be Submitted by July 7

​​​​​​IBC is no longer offered in the fall. Applications are no longer needed. Please see for additional info
Dear incoming student,
Welcome to the dynamic and vibrant learning community of the Keck Science Department of Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, and Scripps Colleges. As faculty who have had the pleasure of teaching in the department for a number of years, we can write with confidence that you’ve made a great college choice!
Not only are the Claremont Colleges distinctive in American higher education, but the Keck Science Department is fairly unique (in Claremont and beyond) due to its truly interdisciplinary structure and highly collaborative environment. As interdisciplinary scientists, we appreciate that many of the most important and most interesting scientific challenges that face society (e.g. the molecular mechanisms of human diseases, the progression of climate change, and the inner workings of the human brain) are fundamentally interdisciplinary in nature. To best prepare students for these interdisciplinary scientific challenges in Claremont and beyond, we have created integrated interdisciplinary introductory science classes with the support of the National Science Foundation and the S.D. Bechtel Jr Foundation.
We are writing now to invite you to apply to our interdisciplinary introductory science course (IBC) available to students at Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, and Scripps Colleges.
Introduction to Biological Chemistry (IBC) combines the course material taught in the first semester of introductory biology and the first semester of introductory chemistry into a single, integrated course. IBC is team-taught by a faculty member from biology and a faculty member from chemistry, enabling connections between material (some planned, some unplanned) to occur in real time, intertwining and enhancing the material of traditional introductory science courses. 
IBC uses the interdisciplinary setting to emphasize modern research topics at the interface of chemistry and biology such as personalized medicine, epigenetics, protein engineering, synthetic biology, and more. This emphasis on research at the cutting edge of biology and chemistry will be further emphasized by a semester long laboratory research project that IBC students will perform as a class in Fall 2017.
Students who are passionate about science and scientific research and are ready to learn about science in a new and highly interconnected way will be most likely to thrive in this course.  Since IBC is a double course, students must be willing to take on the demands of two full science classes with two full laboratories in their first college semester.  While students in IBC are well prepared to continue in nearly all science majors in Keck, engineering schools have specific course requirements that are not met by IBC. We do not advise these students to take IBC, and, instead, we recommend students interested in engineering to contact Professor Scot Gould at to discuss course selection appropriate for engineering schools.
To apply to IBC, simply fill out the form on this website (  Applications must be submitted before July 7, 2017.  We hope to notify students prior to the first week of August.
We truly feel that this courses will be a formative experience and is an incredible way to kick off a college science education.  We are proud to be able to offer this option to our students and hope that you will consider this opportunity.  For more information, you can go to this website:  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly (our information is below).  We look forward to seeing you in the Fall.  Welcome to Claremont!
Aaron Leconte / Chemistry /
Emily Wiley / Biology /